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Regime #2:

CSA for Beginners

Completely new to the brand and looking for an easy way to get into CSA.

AM Routine

Surface Radiance Cleanse
Target Serum:
Vitamin C:
Daily Radiance Vitamin C
Daily Radiance Vitamin C

PM Routine

Eye Make-Up Remover:
Eyes & Lips Micellar Cleanse
First Cleanse:
Micellar Mousse
Second Cleanse:
Surface Radiance Cleanse (dry skin - use once a day)
Toner / Direct Acid:
Target Serum:
Vitamin A:
Night Ritual Vitamin A
Night Ritual Vitamin A
Bi-Weekly At Home Treatment:

Eyes Routine

Eyes AM:
C-Tetra Eye > Advanced Day Eye Protect
Eyes PM:
Retinol Eye TR > Advanced Night Eye
Eyes Add-on:

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