Leaders in Vitamin C

Hailed for its effective radiance-boosting, collagen-supporting and antioxidant benefits, vitamin C is a must-have in any daily skincare routine. Our advanced vitamin C range only features scientifically proven forms of vitamin C, which we expertly stabilise to ensure optimal potency and maximum results alongside minimal irritation.

The Benefits of Vitamin C

What makes a Medik8 Vitamin C unique?

Vitamin C is notoriously unstable, meaning it quickly loses its effectiveness when it comes into contact with air, light and heat. That’s why we only formulate with proven forms of vitamin C, which we expertly stabilise to ensure optimal potency and maximum visible results until the last drop. We believe the perfect vitamin C formula does exist - and it’s stable, feels amazing on the skin and delivers impressive visible benefits without causing irritation.


Discover our Vitamin C range

At Medik8, we have a vitamin C to suit every skin type and lifestyle - from nourishing creams and potent serums to SPF hybrid formulas.

C-Tetra® range: For glowing, youthful-looking skin

Product benefits
- Delivers visibly smooth, radiant, more even-toned skin
- Luxurious, sensorial textures
- Proven to be effective yet non-irritating on sensitive skin

Who’s it for?
C-Tetra : 7% vitamin C, for those with sensitive skin looking for an entry point
C-Tetra Luxe : 14% vitamin C, for those looking for supercharged radiance and all-round skin health

Star ingredients
- Stabilised tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate
- Vitamin E

What else is in the C-Tetra range?
- Eye-specialist serum, C-Tetra Eye
- SPF + vitamin C moisturiser, Daily Radiance Vitamin C
- Nourishing C-Tetra Cream


Super C Ferulic™: For powerful action on advanced signs of sun ageing

Product Benefits:
- Delivers fast, clinically proven action of 4 signs of sun ageing*
- Visibly reduces wrinkles, dark spots and uneven tone while improving skin firmness
Our most powerful (30%) vitamin C formula

*Proven via independent clinical study conducted over 12 weeks on 32 participants of all skin types and tones

Who’s it for?
Mature skin types with advanced visible signs of sun ageing. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

Star ingredients
- Stabilised 30% ethylated L-ascorbic acid
- Ferulic acid
- Vitamin E


Pure C15™ : Pure vitamin C power

Product Benefits:
- Supports collagen production
- Protects against free radical damage
- Promotes radiant, youthful-looking skin with a more refined texture

Who’s it for?
Those looking for a pure ascorbic acid formula

Star ingredients
- Stabilised 15% L-ascorbic acid
- Vitamin E
- Glutathione


Complete Your Skincare Regime

Enhance and maintain the visible age-defying benefits of vitamin C by combining it with sunscreen and vitamin A - as per Medik8's pioneering CSA Philosophy which prescribes vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. Follow this simple, clinically proven approach for glowing, youthful-looking skin.