The UK's No 1 Dermatological Face Serum [1]


Reveal younger-looking skin with just 1 tube of Crystal Retinal.[2]
This iconic vitamin A night serum contains next-generation retinAL, clinically proven to act 11x faster than standard retinOL[3] to visibly smooth, brighten, decongest and firm your skin.


agree this is the best anti-ageing serum they've ever used [4]


felt their skin looked more youthful [2]


agree Crystal Retinal is gentle on their skin [2]

Next-Generation Retinal Experience

Crystal Retinal delivers both powerful visible benefits and an enjoyable retinal experience. Its unique technology has also been expertly optimised to deliver the world's first clinical strength retinal for under eyes; Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye.

Crystal Retinal®

Crystal Retinal®

Award-winning Age-Defying Vitamin A Night Serum


Introducing Medik8's 4 Ps

Not All Retinals Are Created Equal. Discover how Crystal Retinal delivers unmatched age-defying results.

Unrivalled Potency

The closest thing to prescription-strength retinoic acid, without a prescription.

Crystal Retinal's unrivalled retinal potency ensures clinically proven:
Wrinkle reduction in 7 days[4]
11% increase in skin firmness[2]
20% reduction in dark spots[2] ...with 1 tube


Patented Stability

Unlike others, our market-leading stability technology[5] is internationally patented and ensures maximum retinal effectiveness until the last drop.

It could only be Medik8.


Professional-Grade Results

Recommended by dermatologists and stocked in over 7000 clinics worldwide.

Crystal Retinal's unprecedented formula ensures rapid results comparable to professional treatments - without a prescription.

Clinically proven to visibly firm, smooth, brighten and decongest skin in 1 tube[2]

Progressive Strengths

Exclusive to Medik8, our unique ladder of 5 strengths means you can experience continued visible benefits as your skin builds up tolerance.

83% agree their results improved as they moved up the Crystal Retinal ladder[6]

From vitamin A beginners (CR3) to very experienced users (CR20), there’s a strength for everyone.

From The Experts in Vitamin A

Meticulously manufactured in the UK by the renowned Experts in Vitamin A, it's no wonder Crystal Retinal is loved and recommended by dermatologists across the globe.

Medik8 Global Ambassador

Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe

Medical & Cosmetics Doctor

For nearly a decade, I have wholeheartedly championed Medik8, a brand that skillfully combines medical-grade efficacy with cutting-edge skincare innovation.

Discover Our Unique Ladder of Strengths

Ladder up your visible age-defying results over time with our 5 progressive strengths (0.01% - 0.2% retinaldehyde). Unsure which strength is right for you? Choose your strength below or take our Strength Finder quiz.


Choose Your Strength

We recommend starting low and going slow, phasing Crystal Retinal into your routine. Unsure which strength is right for you? Take our Strength Finder quiz or choose your strength below.

Perfect Pairings

Advanced Night Restore

Advanced Night Restore

For enhanced skin-smoothing benefits plus optimal skin comfort.

Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye

Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye

Targeted youth-boosting results for the delicate eye area as well as the face.

Advanced Day Ultimate Protect

Advanced Day Ultimate Protect

To maintain maximum age-defying results.

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