Founded in 2009 by UK scientists and brothers, Elliot and Daniel Isaacs, Medik8 is an award-winning, age-defying skincare brand.

Borne from years of clinical and consumer research, their mission was clear: to simplify the route to great skin (regardless of age) and deliver upon one simple customer promise:
results without compromise.

We wanted to create an ethical brand which married ultimate efficacy (typically reserved for prescription products) with the highest performing active ingredients, luxurious textures and our own proprietary technologies, meticulously made by us, to guarantee the highest standards in our very own laboratory. We wanted to create skincare that dermatologists, clinics and our consumers loved, trusted and believed in. Anything less was a compromise that we simply weren’t willing to make.

Daniel Isaacs, Chief Product Officer

Led by their pioneering and clinically proven CSA Philosophy (vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, and vitamin A by night) - a simple and easy-to-follow regime that addressed 90% of ageing skin concerns*, the brothers embarked on a journey of world-first innovations. Pioneering technological advances in Vitamin C and patented stabilisation in retinoids earnt their reputation as Experts in Vitamin A and the industry’s best kept secret.

*Based on average change in key indicators of skin ageing, tested on 50 participants using a CSA skincare regime for 6 months

**Proven via independent study on a Medik8 CSA regime, on 24 participants over 6 month