At Medik8, we pride ourselves on creating and manufacturing everything ourselves. We are pioneers of cutting-edge product technologies in skincare; many of which are patented and unique to us. Our products are truly bespoke; designed by our in-house formulation scientists and researchers who intricately curate and experiment with unique ingredient combinations and the latest technologies to deliver the best possible experience and results; so you never have to compromise.

Unique Patented Technologies

Being led by science, means we don’t subscribe to trends unless they are backed up by real scientific evidence and skin benefits for our consumers.

Thanks to the expertise of our in-house team, we have developed many proprietary technologies that you can only experience at Medik8. Many so good, they have global patents e.g. our stability system used in our bestselling Crystal Retinal products means the potency of the serum is preserved until the very last drop; so you keep seeing results night after night. That’s why Crystal Retinal is the closest thing to a prescription, without needing one.

Made in the UK

From our ISO-certified Innovation Centre just outside London, we proudly blend and manufacture virtually every Medik8 product. Complying with very stringent European standards of manufacture, you can rest assured that every product has been crafted to exceptionally high standards. Medik8 is ISO certified* for both cosmetic manufacture standards and quality management standards.

* Medik8 is ISO 22716 and ISO 9001 certified by Lloyd's Registry Quality Assurance (LRQA)

Considered Ingredients

At Medik8, the inclusion of every ingredient is a carefully considered decision. While we don’t subscribe to the trend for ‘clean’ skincare, we believe every ingredient must earn its place on the ingredient list to help support visible results or contribute to the experience, preservation or potency of a product. We carefully assess each ingredient for its safety, environmental impact, efficacy & customer perception before using them in our formulas.

Fragrance Approach

We believe in the importance of creating products with pleasant fragrances which make the ritual of skincare more enjoyable; representing a moment of self-care. We default to fragrance free and no artificial fragrance formulas, sometimes choosing to use ‘low-fragrance’ essential oil combinations if there is a sensorial benefit or need to enhance the experience of a product. Essential oils are used sparingly across our portfolio only when needed, at low concentrations to ensure they work for all skin types, even sensitive.

Sustainable Operations

Our in-house manufacturing allows us to carefully monitor our energy usage and how to reduce it. To minimise our carbon emissions, we self-generate clean energy via our roof solar panels or purchase 100% renewable energy and have removed all fossil fuels from our operations. Water is also an essential part of the manufacturing process, so we are always looking at ways to reduce the amount we draw from the network. Our Innovation Centre was designed with sustainability at its very heart - even the carpets are made of recycled fishing nets!