Medik8 UK* E-Gift Card


Give the Gift of Choice

Our E-Gift Cards take the guesswork out of gift giving and let you share instantly with your loved one. They're ideal for giving out to friends and family to let them choose their goodies for themselves. ​

Gift card expires 12 months after purchase to see the full terms & conditions click here.
Please note:
This is not a physical card. It is a virtual gift card sent via email for use on our site only. It cannot be used for any professional in-clinic treatments.

There may be periods where E-Gift Cards cannot be used to make a purchase, as notified from time to time on our Site.

You will be given the choice to activate the E-Gift Card you purchase after a 14 day period (during which time you can change your mind and cancel) or to activate the E-Gift Card immediately, which will result in you losing the right to cancel. For further information please see our Terms of Service.
Medik8 UK* E-Gift Card
  • Key Benefits
    • Make Gifting Easy

      A digital gift card that your friends and family will love! Say Happy Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, or just, I’m thinking of you, with our E-Gift Card. 

      Purchase one today and the E-Gift Card will be sent to you, so you can email your loved one on their special day.

    • Let Them Decide

      A Medik8 E-Gift Card is the perfect gift for any skincare fan. Allow them to choose the skincare products they have always wanted and help them on their journey to Beautiful Skin for Life.

    • Gift to Corporate Clients

      Why not use these E-Gift Cards for corporate clients or staff to make a positive impression or reward them for a job well done? Let them have their pick from our wide array of professional-led skincare delights - they’re sure to find something they love.

    • Send When You Wish

      When you purchase the E-Gift Card, the email will be sent to your email address so you can decide when you would like to send it to your loved one.

  • How It Works

    We want to give your loved ones as much choice as possible to truly experience our incredible products.

    1. After you purchase a Medik8 E-Gift card, you will receive the email to send to your loved one when you wish.

    2. Once they receive the E-Gift Card, then they can simply go straight to our website and just get shopping! 

    3. When they are ready to purchase, the code in the email just needs to be applied at checkout. They can use the gifted amount all in one go, or save the remaining amount for their next purchase. It’s up to them.

    4. Your loved one can continue to check their E-Gift Card balance in the link in the email sent, so be sure they keep the email in a safe place.

      Don’t worry, this will all be explained clearly in the email that they receive.

  • FAQ
    How do I check the balance of my E-Gift Card?

    You can check the balance of your E-Gift Card from the link in the email sent to you. Please remember to keep this in a safe place.

    Do I have to spend all of my E-Gift Card in one transaction?

    No, any amount unused will remain on the card until you spend it. You can use it all in one go, or save the remaining amount for your next purchase.

    How long is the E-Gift Card valid for?

    The E-Gift card is activated upon purchase and is valid for 1 year after purchase.