Medik8 Masterclasses

Join the Medik8 experts for exclusive online masterclasses


Monday 21st November, 7.30-8.00pm
Be guided through the retinoid realm by the minds behind Medik8.


Step-by-step instructions to join the masterclass

During the masterclass, you will have exclusive access to the Medik8 Experts who will be happy to answer your questions live. For a truly educational and bespoke experience, you will be able to join the masterclass conversation, either sharing your thoughts or asking questions.

Once you have signed up to the Calendly links above, you will receive an email with a YouTube link to access each Masterclass on the relevant day.

Joining the YouTube Masterclass

You can watch the YouTube Masterclass whether you have a YouTube account or not, and whether you have the YouTube app on your device or not.

Click on the YouTube link provided in the email, this will take you directly to the Medik8 Masterclass.

The Masterclass is accessed only through the YouTube link provided in the email, so it will not be possible to find it directly on YouTube, either via search or the live channel option.

How to join in the Masterclass conversation

If you have a YouTube account, you will see an option to ‘Sign in to chat’, once you click here you can ask questions and engage in the live chat.

If you don’t have a YouTube account, you will see an option to ‘Create a channel to join the chat.’ This is a quick and simple 2-step process of clicking ‘Create a channel to join the chat’, then entering a name that will be visible to others, and then select ‘Create Channel.’

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