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How To Winter Proof Your Skin

The new season is upon us and Christmas is peeking its sparkly head over the horizon. With the change in weather brings major changes in our skin, which need to fall in turn with a major shakeup to your skincare routine. Hydration is obviously key, but bare in mind all of the below when you come to choosing your winter-proofed skincare...

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The Story of CSA
Our skincare philosophy is as easy as CSA. Vitamin C and sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. Incredibly simple and grounded in science - it just works. But have you ever wondered where the CSA story all began. From humble beginnings it all started with one man’s simple skincare mission, and it snowballed into the skincare revolution we love and trust today.
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Our breakthrough molecule explained
Retinol has long been hailed the gold-standard of anti-ageing. Backed up by a wealth of studies, it’s a firm favourite amongst dermatologists and skincare professionals. The advanced molecule is extremely effective at restoring collagen production and reducing the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles, but it can sometimes cause sensitivity. That’s where retinyl retinoate comes in.
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The Perfect Routine Using Vitamin A
Here at Medik8, our skin ageing philosophy is simple: vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. These two ingredients work synergistically to promote optimal skin health. In the evening, vitamin A stimulates cellular regeneration and corrects signs of ageing. In the morning, vitamin C and sunscreen help to protect the newly-regenerated skin from environmental damage while boosting collagen and radiance.
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Hyperpigmentation: everything you need to know
Did you know that dull, discoloured skin trumps fine lines and wrinkles as the number one indicator of skin ageing? A recent study carried out by Danish researchers shows that most people cite an uneven complexion as the most prominent inhibitor of youthful-looking skin.
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Experts in Vitamin A
Retinol is loved by doctors, beauty bloggers and skincare enthusiasts the world over. It’s a widely accepted notion that nothing without prescription can improve the signs of photoageing quite like it. In fact, little else even comes close.
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