Using a Medik8 Vitamin A Already?


You’re already in the Medik8 Vitamin A family - great! Your skin should be used to our high-strength, stable formulas by now, so any transition you’d like to make across our wide range of vitamin As should be child’s play for you. We do recommend phasing in to your routine when you first switch vitamin A molecules to ensure your skin acclimates easily. The most common vitamin A journeys are outlined below: either moving from intelligent retinol to Crystal Retinal® or to r-Retinoate. Choose yours to find your best way to switch. Not seeing your journey or got a question? Contact us for personal advice.


Note: When you first switch vitamin A molecules, be sure to phase it into your routine to avoid any unnecessary sensitivity. Take a look at our phase-in guide here.

These recommendations are the starting points to move to a new vitamin A molecule. You can then move up strength if you want to from there. And there’s no need to phase-in again within the same vitamin A family. Want to know if you’re ready to move up? Learn more about moving up the vitamin A ladder.