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Who is zipper?

Who is Zipper?

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Zipper, 15


Zipper was our longest-serving employee, he had his own office badge and has seen Medik8 from an idea on paper to what it is today. He was our much-loved office dog, taken in by our founder Elliot when he was just 6 months old.

Why Zipper?

Zipper touched an extraordinary number of lives having sat alongside all our staff and even met suppliers and customers when they visited. The reason The Zipper Foundation is named after him, is because of the values we saw him spread all around the office every day:

Firstly, Zipper was always honest. Never judging or making presumptions and going into every situation wagging his tail with joy. He was compassionate and loyal, always the first friend there through all the tough moments, and the first one there to celebrate the successes. Zipper also had a never-ending sense of curiosity, a value we hold very close to our hearts around the office. Especially those geeks in the labs! Zipper was immensely curious, finding new areas to explore every day and always trying (but never succeeding) to get into our slick labs.

We are all guilty of not living up to the standards of what we see, Zipper will always keep us grounded, and reminds us to be kind to all people and animals. In his name, Medik8 has launched The Zipper Foundation which provides grants to charities to help their incredible work.

Zipper has a truly incredible soul. No jealousy. No judgement. Everyone should be so lucky to have a Zipper in their life. Whether you are a homo sapien or canis major, you only have one life and life is as precious to them, as ours is to us. We feel a sense of duty to Zipper’s selfless values of compassion and loyalty to do something significant in his name. The Universe is listening.

NAME NAME, Founder of Medik8 and Zipper's Owner

Zipper's Final Chapter

In February 2017, Zipper (aged 14.5) was given 3 months to live by vets after they found a small tumour in his mouth. Elliot, decided to do everything he could for his loyal and loving friend to prolong his life without making it uncomfortable - surgery yes, chemo no.

Elliot and his partner Kamila were expecting their first baby in August of that year and they very much wanted to have a family picture with Zipper in it after all, he deserved to witness and be part this big family event. However, the vets said with surgery this would be a 50/50 chance.

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The amazing veterinary surgeons operated and Zipper made an amazingly speedy recovery, he was back to normal chasing dandelions blowing in the wind within two weeks. Not only did Zipper live to witness Harper (Elliot's son) being born but also joined family and friends at Harper’s first birthday and beyond.

Sadly in October 2018, the cancer returned, this time there was no possible treatment and the local vet advised it was best to let Zipper enjoy his final weeks. Heartbroken, Elliot and his family agreed to let nature take its course - grateful for the extra time Zipper had to get to know Harper.

Being as courageous as ever, Zipper battled through to spend Harper's first Christmas with him. On xx/xx/xx, after a long and happy life - where he was loved by his family, his friends, his many colleagues past and present and even customers and suppliers - Zipper passed away peacefully with Elliot holding him.

We love you and we will never ever forget you Zipper.