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What's this about?

Medik8 uses 1% of their yearly profits to fund our charitable foundation called The Zipper Fondation. The money is used to give grants to some incredible projects run by UK charities who share the same values as our foundation: Compassion, Honesty, Loyalty, Curiosty, Happiness.

The Zipper Foundation

Zipper, our much-loved office dog passed away in early 2019, and in his passing has left indelible footprints of unconditional love and an unimpeachable legacy...

We are all guilty of not living up to the standards of what we see, Zipper will always keep us grounded, and reminds us to be kind to all people and animals. But the reality is good things can only impact a small number. What we need is lots of good things.

Rather than dilute the impact Zipper had and given our limited means, we have decided to make our funds available to small charitable projects. So that a small number of people can really feel the love and see a real difference, leading to a larger social change.

The Causes We Support

Below are the 5 causes The Zipper Foundation supports. Each cause has been carefully selected and researched to ensure we can make a powerful difference with small steps.


No to dog meat

We are animal lovers, against animal testing and warriors in the fight against the barbaric dog meat trade.

Animals Dashboard

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We offset>100% palm

We will not stand back in the fight against deforestation and making sustainable palm oil the norm.

Rainforest Fund


Fish don't eat plastic

We've taken action to protect coral reef and the quality of oceans, and we believe it is important to support organisations which help the world to do the same.

Oceans Fund


Making little smiles

We support projects devoted to the health and welfare of children. We believe improving young lives and inspiring the next generation.

Children Fund


Supporting healthy science

As a company rooted in science, supporting this valuable research into new treatments is important for human kind. Our company has made a donation to Cancer Research UK every month for more than 10 years.

Cancer Fund