The Classic Vitamin A



Retinol is a well reputed anti-ageing ingredient and many brands use it in their formulas. However, not all retinol is made equal. Not only are all our retinols time release so drip the active into the skin over time to reduce any irritation potential, they are also all analytically tested for stability so you know that the first drop you use is as potent as the very last. We have nightly formulations for the delicate eye area as well as the face.

What sets our best retinols apart from other brands is that they contain a standout ingredient that makes them all the more effective. That’s why we call them: ‘Intelligent Retinol’. But what makes them so intelligent?


Climbazole has been found to boost the activity of retinoids in the skin to give the power of higher percentages without the irritation. So when you choose an Intelligent Retinol 3TR serum you are not only getting all the usual Medik8 vitamin A benefits but also a boost to activity with the addition of climbazole. So why Intelligent Retinol 3TR promises 0.3% active ingredient, you are actually getting more, as the climbazole boosts up activity without any further sensitivity potential. Intelligent by name, intelligent by nature.

Find climbazole in Intelligent Retinol 3TR, Intelligent Retinol 6TR and Intelligent Retinol 10TR serums (previously known as Retinol Intense). All these serums also have a nourishing squalane base for a moisturising experience. We would always recommend our Intelligent Retinol options to anyone wanting to try retinol for the first time. Find out how to phase it into your regime here.


Supercharged, deeply nourishing vitamin A night serum that refines skin tone and texture to visibly diminish fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep.

Made For - Customers who are looking for retinol but want a hydrating squalane base and climbazole retinol booster.

The Perfect Pair - Pair with our C Tetra Luxe Serum for the perfect morning follow up.



Wake up to renewed skin. 0.2% polymer encapsulated retinol is delivered into the skin in a nourishing, rejuvenating night cream.

Made For - Customers who want to prevent signs of premature ageing, are new to the CSA Philosophy and want the simplest CSA routine.

The Perfect Pair - Pair with Daily Radiance Vitamin C to complete your CSA regime.



Designed to complement the skin’s nightly regenerative cycle, Intelligent Retinol Eye TR helps to resurface while you sleep to rejuvenate skin and restore radiance.

Made For - Customers who are concerned with lines and wrinkles around the eye and want to delay first signs of ageing.

The Perfect Pair - Pair with Advanced Night Eye to complete the CSA regime for your eyes.



You may be a seasoned retinol user or new to the game, but it's always worth remembering that you can move between the strengths we offer in order to maximise their effectiveness.

Our Intelligent Retinol serums allow you to increase the strength of your Vitamin A - something very unique to Medik8.' As we no longer have the option to move up from Retinol 3TR in the originals (6&10TR have been discontinued) In order to decide if you should move up or stay put, click here to follow our quiz and find out whether or not you're ready.

Our Original TR Retinol is still available if you are looking for an even more cost effective retinol but without the addition of climbazole.

If you're new to retinol, we would advise phasing it into your skincare regime.