Top Tips For Having A Peel

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Top Tips For Having A Peel

When it comes to getting the absolute best results from your skincare, we recommend having a series of in-clinic treatments with one of our Medik8 professional therapists. If you ever feel like you’ve hit a skincare rut, you may want to use a peel to supercharge the results. As always, we are dedicated to giving you real results, and so our peels can help to improve scarring, photodamage and hyperpigmentation; or even give you a radiant glow before a big event or occasion. 

When you undergo a chemical peel, specially-selected enzymes and/or chemical exfoliants breakdown the upper layers of the skin to reveal the fresher, rejuvenated skin beneath.

During the peel procedure, the skin’s natural protective barrier is partially and temporarily compromised. This allows fresh new cells to come to the surface and form a newer, stronger barrier. It also means that skin must be specifically cared for during the downtime period.

Here are our top tips for getting the best results out of your peel:

Choose your level carefully

When you book in with one of our experienced Medik8 therapists, you will be given a pre-peel consultation 2 weeks before your treatment date. This is to assess your skin type and needs, so your therapist can use their high level of expertise to find a treatment tailored to you. For hypersensitive skins we recommend to start with Superfacial™, an ultra-gentle papaya enzyme peel. Beginners may wish to start with a Sensitive PHA Professional Skin Peel, suitable for extremely sensitive or redness-prone skin. From here on you can move onto more advanced peels, such as Rewind Professional Skin Peel, which helps to diminish stubborn fine lines and wrinkles, or Clarity Professional Skin Peel, ideal for rebalancing blemish-prone skin.

Prep your skin

To get the absolute best results from your peel we recommend pre-treatment priming kits. It has been proven that vitamin C and vitamin A can increase skin cell renewal, which reduces the healing time involved in peels. Try out C-Tetra® (or one of our many other vitamin C products) every morning for 2 weeks prior to your peel. Add in vitamin A in the evening, in the form of Crystal Retinal 6™, or one of our vitamin A serums to see best results.

Know what to expect

Peels can cause some mild discomfort and temporary redness; dependent on the strength of the peel you have chosen. Above all else – relax. The peeling process provides you some valuable me-time, so enjoy the peace and allow yourself to switch into relaxation mode. After all of our peel protocols, we apply Ultimate Recovery™ Bio-Cellulose Mask to rapidly cool, restore and soothe the skin.

Get your aftercare right

For 1 week post-peel, your skin is similar to a newborn baby and should be treated with the same care and attention. When the skin’s protective barrier is compromised, it's much easier for environmental damage to take its toll. So keep your skin shielded from the sun with a broad spectrum SPF 30 such as Physical Sunscreen and use a soft and gentle cleanser such as Calmwise™ Soothing Cleanser. A vitamin A serum will help to speed up the recovery process. You should start applying a product like Retinal 6 or Retinol 6TR 24-72 hours after your procedure; any sooner and you may experience irritation. We also recommend applying Calmwise™ Serum and then an ultra-hydrating cream such as Ultimate Recovery™ to help restore the delicate skin barrier. For 1 week after you’re peel, avoid using acids such as AHAs or BHAs. These tips are also ideal after other types of aesthetic treatments such as laser, botox and fillers.

Hydration, hydration, hydration

Keeping your skin hydrated is key to the healing process. Add Hydr8™ B5 into your skincare routine before your normal moisturiser to draw the ideal levels of water into the skin. Top this off with Ultimate Recovery cream to form an occlusive barrier over the skin; replenishing the skin’s natural protection. Add in Ultimate Recovery Bio-Cellulose Mask (now available to take home) to deliver a hit of hydration to sore and compromised skin.

Armed with your top tips, book your preferred peel in with a Medik8 professional today and see the results for yourself. Search for your nearest therapist here.

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