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The Ultimate Vitamin A

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Medik8 Retinyl Retinoate

Our breakthrough molecule and the crème de la crème of vitamin A science and experience. There’s simply nothing else like it. The fusion of retinol with biologically active retinoic acid means superior vitamin A results but completely suitable for sensitive skin and able to be used both night and day. Expect results incomparable to solely night use forms of vitamin A.

Exclusive to Medik8, you can’t get the encapsulated form of this ingredient anywhere else and it is only available in our r-Retinoate range. Perfect if you hate skincare faff and just want the absolute best in single, all-in-one complete products alongside an upscale, beautiful experience.

Youth Activating Cream
Day & Night

r-Retinoate Day & Night

Proven to deliver astonishing results from just 4 weeks; improvements become remarkable with continued use. 8x more powerful than retinol and photostable; can be used both day and night on even sensitive skins.

Made For - Customers who are looking for the ultimate in vitamin A technology, have a sensitive skin type or are new to vitamin A

The Perfect Pair - Pair with any Vitamin C product in the mornings.


r-retinoate Eye Serum

r-Retinoate Eye Serum

As high-performing as it is gentle, this featherlight yet nourishing eye serum sinks effortlessly into the eye contours to visibly fade signs of ageing.

Made For - Customers who have ageing concerns around the eyes, are already using r-Retinoate Day & Night or desire the most advanced technologies and skincare actives

The Perfect Pair - Our exclusive formula means this product is an all-in-one.


r-retinoate Intense

r-Retinoate Intense

A revolutionary blend of retinyl retinoate and crystal-stabilised retinaldehyde is suspended within a pool of silken cashmere for an age-defying experience like no other.

Made For - Customers who are looking for our most advanced vitamin A product or for an all-in-one night cream containing our most cutting-edge skincare technologies.

The Perfect Pair - Pair with Super C30 Intense in the morning as part of your CSA regime.