Why Patented Stability Matters

At Medik8, we are stability experts

The problem with many powerful ingredients in skincare is that they can be incredibly unstable. This means that over time they can lose their power. What might be labelled as a 1% active product, could actually be only 0.0000001% active if it has degraded and lost its potency over time.

Careful stabilisation is crucial to achieve in all of our formulations, as we understand that maintaining stability = maintaining visible results on the skin.

Retinaldehyde (retinal) is one of the most powerful anti-ageing skincare ingredients available and is supported by many years of high quality peer-reviewed research. However, retinal is also one of the most unstable ingredients to work with in skincare. Over time, retinal can degrade which can lower the true concentration of active retinal, thereby reducing its anti-ageing power.
The more stable the molecule, the more effective it can be on the skin.

In 2018, we cracked the code to retinal stabilisation. Our patented Crystal Retinal contains the most comprehensive retinal stability system on the market. The triple-layered stabilisation system uniquely reinforces and protects the power of retinal throughout its life. This ensures that your skin receives every last drop of retinal goodness from your tube of Crystal Retinal.

We have combined 3 key layers of stabilisation in our Crystal Retinal serum that can only be found at Medik8:

First we protected the powerful yet fragile molecule with a crystal encapsulation system that works to both blanket the retinal and time-release it into the skin gently overnight.

We reinforce the formula with a unique patented stabilisation complex based on the protective power of carrot seed oil. This ensures the retinal is stabilised throughout its whole life cycle - from raw material, all the way into the skin.

Finally, we fortify the stability system by enclosing it in an airless, aluminium-lined tube which protects against oxygen and light.


Our researchers worked tirelessly to discover the perfect balance of ingredients that work together in synergy to supercharge the stability of retinal. We use carrot seed oil as an antioxidant, which is able to inhibit the oxidation of retinaldehyde. We combine this with sodium polyaspartate, a chelating ingredient which is able to protect the retinal from degradation caused by the attack from metal ions.

These two compounds have been proven to stabilise retinal via a synergistic relationship. This means that the stabilisation power of both compounds together is stronger than if you used each compound individually and then combined the stability power of the two.

This unique synergistic stability complex was so revolutionary, we achieved patent protection for the invention. Successfully granting a patent is a mark of true innovation. A patent is an exclusive right granted for a unique invention. The invention can be either a technical solution to a problem, a product or a process that provides a new way of achieving something.

Innovation is a hallmark of Medik8, and therefore our patent provides legal protection for our invention and keeps it unique to us. This patented stabilisation system can only be found in Medik8 products and is the secret key to reinforcing the stability of Crystal Retinal.

Our patented formula gives you the confidence that every time you buy Crystal Retinal, every pump delivers the same level of power and results until the very last drop.

And that's why patented stability matters.

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