Medik8 Peels: Deep Dive

Chemical peels are fast-becoming the number one clinical skin treatment worldwide. At a fraction of the price of facial laser treatments, they can significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and imperfections - with less discomfort and downtime. Just 45 minutes in the therapist's chair can visibly rejuvenate your skin, delivering a noticeably softer, smoother, more youthful-looking complexion. But what should you expect from a Medik8 peel? 

What is a Medik8 Chemical Peel?

Medik8 chemical peels are professional-grade exfoliating acids, applied to the skin with a small brush to help visibly resurface and retexturise. Our extensive peel range also offers a multitude of additional targeted benefits to meet your specific skin concerns, and all of our peels feature Time Release technology to ensure optimal comfort during the treatment alongside minimal downtime.


Can I just have 1 peel to improve my skin?

It is possible to have a single peel treatment, but we recommend a course of peels (usually 6) to really see the long-term skin benefits. Much like with fitness, the best results appear when you commit to an ongoing programme.

Are peels suitable for everyone?

Chemical peels are generally suitable for most skin types. But, at Medik8, our extensive peels menu ranges from our Sensitive PHA Peel (suitable for very sensitive skins) right through to our mono peels (for more stubborn skin concerns) to ensure all skin types are catered for.

Your Medik8 Professional will analyse the skin before every treatment to ensure that a peel is the perfect treatment for you. However, please note the following guidance;

✓ Peels are not suitable for clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please speak to your Medik8 Professional about an alternative treatment plan during this special time.

✓ To get the best results from your peel, we always recommend that they are performed on healthy skin. We always advise ensuring there are no cuts or abrasions on the face or indications of a compromised skin barrier such as sunburn or eczema.

✓ Always wait for any active bacterial, viral or fungal infections to subside before booking a peel.

✓ If you are taking medication to treat acne (such as Roaccutane), you will need to allow the skin to heal for 6-12 months after completing your course of medication due to increased skin sensitivity and to avoid the risk of adverse reactions. Speak with your dermatologist for advice on when to restart professional treatments.

✓ If you are undergoing any cosmetic treatments such as injectables or laser hair removal, your skin will need time to recover from these treatments before having a professional peel. Speak to your professional about any current or prior treatments.

✓ If under any medical supervision, we would always advise speaking with your GP before booking a peel consultation.

What's the downtime?

By definition, the application of acids to your skin may cause redness, skin flaking and mild peeling - but every complexion is different. As a general rule, expect flaking from around the 3rd day post-peel for a maximum of 5 further days. All Medik8 peels feature Time Release technology which gradually releases the acid into the skin to help ensure optimal comfort during treatment.

You should avoid direct sun exposure during these recovery days and always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

We recommend not wearing makeup for the first 12 hours post-peel to ensure the skin remains free from any bacteria.

Your Medik8 professional will also recommend a comprehensive aftercare routine to ensure your skin recovers and rejuvenates correctly.

What results can I expect?

24 hours post-peel your skin will likely feel a little tight and appear slightly flushed. Within 3 days your skin may start to flake but within the week you will start to see clearer, more uniform skin. Over a course of 6 peels, results will be even more visibly profound.

We recommend taking pictures of your progress.

How do I find a clinic near me?

To find your nearest clinic, please contact our dedicated Customer Care team.

Can peels be used alongside other treatments like botox or laser?

We always recommend consulting your Medik8 professional to get their advice on which Medik8 professional treatments are right for you in regards to other treatments you may have had.