Introducing: Medik8 Deluxe Samples 

Typically, when you receive a beauty sample, it will be contained within a sachet. This is especially the case when it comes to skincare samples. However, globally, 855 billion sachets are thrown away every year. That’s enough to wrap the entire surface of the planet or, if placed end to end, to stretch to the moon 189 times!* Naturally we want our customers to be able to trial our cutting-edge skincare formulations via samples, but the extent of this global sachet waste doesn’t sit well with us - nor does it align with our Sustainability Strategy. That’s why we’ve found a solution that will allow us to play our part in reducing packaging waste. 

Our new deluxe sample tubes are made from 100% recycled aluminium (95% of which is PCR**), making them fully recyclable after use. The innovative tubes feature a snap-off aluminium nozzle (no plastic involved) which can be reinserted into the tube to preserve the power of the formula within. This is ideal as each 4ml tube holds an average of 6 applications, so you can really experience the product’s full benefits without it drying up (this is often the case with conventional tear-open sachets). The break-off nozzle also removes the need for conventional, non-recyclable foil tamper seals.

So, now you can try our most iconic formulas before you buy while having less impact on the planet.

Which Products Are Available in Our New Deluxe Sample Tubes?

C-Tetra Luxe
Advanced Day Ultimate Protect
Crystal Retinal 3
Crystal Retinal 6
Advanced Night Restore
Daily Radiance Vitamin C
Hydr8 B5 Intense
Liquid Peptides
r-Retinoate Day & Night Serum

How Do I Use the New Deluxe Samples?

To open: Ensure the nozzle (lid) is facing upright. Carefully snap off the nozzle to avoid any product splash.

Gently squeeze the tube and apply the product as directed.

Reseal by inverting the snapped-off nozzle into the tube.

Store carefully on its side. Not intended for travel once opened.

Once the tube is empty, recycle with the nozzle on.

Not only do our new deluxe samples deliver a much better and extended trialling experience, they also directly contribute to our key targets under the Waste Reduction pillar of our Sustainability Strategy - namely our goal of achieving 100% reusable, refillable or recyclable packaging by 2026. Our new samples will also help to support our goal of reducing the amount of packaging that enters the market. We aim to achieve this by reducing the amount of packaging it takes to transport our formulations.

If we look at the numbers, it takes just 0.43g of packaging to transport 1ml of formulation in a 4ml aluminium tube, but it takes 1.32g of packaging to transport 1ml of formulation in a 1ml sachet. That means that sachets require more than 3 times the packaging than our new deluxe samples.

The flexibility of our aluminium tubes also reduces product waste by ensuring that every last drop of the formula can be easily squeezed out - especially if you use our handy tube squeezers. Not only does this mean that you get the very most out of your sample, but aids recyclability (as an entirely empty aluminium tube is more easily recyclable).

Why Aluminium?

Aluminium is not only lightweight and durable but also a great option for preserving the power of our formulas, protecting them against the degrading effects of light, heat and air. We also use an aluminium lining for our Crystal Retinal packaging for the same reason.

“Recycled aluminium was the perfect choice for our new deluxe samples as it is infinitely recyclable. Plus, creating recycled aluminium uses 90% less energy than creating virgin aluminium. These credentials align perfectly with both our specific Waste Reduction target of reducing the amount of packaging required for every millilitre of formulation we bring to market, as well as our aim of achieving 100% reusable, refillable, or recyclable packaging by 2026.”

- Alexandra Florea, Head of Sustainability at Medik8

Of course, the multiple benefits of our new deluxe samples, and the significant impact they’ll have on our sustainability targets can only happen if each tube is used and recycled correctly. Not sure how to recycle our tubes or wider packaging?
Check out our handy Recyclability Guide for more information.

*Source: Plastic Planet 'Sack the Sachet' campaign []
**PCR: Post-consumer recycled