Striving to achieve the look of 8 hours of beauty sleep?
Your quest ends here with Advanced Night Restore - Medik8’s signature, no.1 bestselling night cream.[1] This multi-ceramide-infused formula is proven to visibly smooth, firm and brighten your skin overnight[2] for incredible, visible youth-renewing results.

Experience a nourishing night cream that is expertly designed to restore the appearance of youthfulness. Working to visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles while plumping and nourishing dry skin, this must-have night cream restores the skin barrier for incredible age-defying results. Featuring a skin-firming multi-ceramide complex, it replenishes the natural skin barrier with lipids lost overtime to support a smoother, fuller and more youthful-looking complexion. By morning, the skin feels undeniably pillow-soft to the touch.


This deeply moisturising formula stars multiple skin-supporting ceramides, combined with other skin lipids to maximise their impact on your complexion. While you sleep, the optimised ceramides help to restore and replenish the protective skin barrier. A healthy, functioning skin barrier works to retain hydration and aid the natural repair of the skin throughout the night. When put to the test, 96% of users agreed that Advanced Night Restore provided skin with long-lasting moisture.[2]

So what exactly are ceramides?

Let's begin with the skin barrier and why it's super important to take care of it. The skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin that serves as a protective shield between the lower layers of the skin and the environment. Its purpose is to keep irritants out and lock moisture in, while helping to keep the skin healthy and support collagen and elastin production.

The technical name for this outermost layer of skin is the stratum corneum. We can liken its structure to a brick wall (see below) - the stratum corneum is made up of a system of skin cells (the bricks) and lipids (the mortar) to hold everything together. The lipids are oily and waxy substances naturally found in the skin, including cholesterol, fatty acids and you guessed it; ceramides. As we age, the amount of natural lipids holding our skin barrier together depletes, resulting in common signs of skin ageing such as wrinkles, dryness and overall loss of firmness. A weakened skin barrier can also escalate moisture loss and sensitivity, making it very fragile against the environment.


The skin’s natural circadian rhythm is designed to protect itself during the day, and repair during the night. This means that, as twilight falls, the skin cells are at their most active and ready for overnight recovery

Advanced Night Restore features a Midnight Antioxidant Complex, formed of a detoxifying peptide, dragon fruit extract and saskatoon berry to cater to the skin’s need for nighttime repair. Together, they work throughout the night to prevent and counteract the free radical damage that has been accumulated throughout the day. Free radicals are the molecules responsible for skin damage, so it's important we protect our skin from them. By preserving your skin health with Advanced Night Restore, it is the clear route to a healthy, youthful-looking glow by morning.


At Medik8, we’re obsessed with vitamin A. You have probably heard us talk about our groundbreaking product, Crystal Retinal - our bestselling vitamin A formula. Vitamin A is a type of ingredient that can help to target all types of skin concerns; promoting collagen production, skin cell turnover and UV repair to name a few. It’s the ultimate gold-standard in age-defying skincare.

However, while Medik8’s vitamin A formulations are carefully created to avoid any skin barrier disruption, those who are new to vitamin A may sometimes experience side effects such as dryness or sensitivity. This is because it takes time for the skin to build tolerance to the molecule (especially if it's not one of our powerful-yet-gentle formulas). This is actually one of the key reasons why we created Advanced Night Restore; to become the perfect partner to vitamin A.

The nourishing cream is designed to work in harmony with Medik8 vitamin A serums to take your visible results to the next level. As we know, ceramides reinforce the skin barrier, helping to minimise any potential irritation from vitamin A. Advanced Night Restore also features an ingredient called N-acetyl glucosamine (N.A.G.) which works synergistically with vitamin A to encourage the natural production of hyaluronic acid, a molecule found naturally in the skin that’s renowned in skincare for its exceptional hydration properties. This, therefore, helps to increase water content in the skin - again offsetting any potential for dryness or discomfort. You can sleep soundly knowing Advanced Night Restore has the sumptuous power to smooth the appearance of deep set signs of ageing, while delivering the look of all-round beauty sleep. Shop our signature night cream here.

[1] Based on internal Medik8 direct sales data for 2022
[2] Proven via independent consumer study conducted over 4 weeks on 53 participants
[3] E. Zettersen et al, Optimal ratios of topical stratum corneum lipids improve barrier recovery in chronically aged skin, JAAD, 1997, 37(3) , pp 403-408