Sleep Glycolic

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Sleep Glycolic

A gold-standard ingredient within the skincare industry, you have probably already heard of glycolic acid. It is the most talked about and popular alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Known for its abilities to transform skin texture, glycolic acid can leave skin visibly brighter, smoother and less congested. It has ultra-effective penetration power, with the smallest molecular size of all exfoliating acids, so it can achieve skin benefits on lower layers of the skin that other AHAs find harder to reach. As a result, it can address more stubborn skin concerns - from advanced signs of ageing to stubborn hyperpigmentation.

With fast, easy and effective results in just a matter of weeks, it can be tempting to use glycolic acid products all the time. As we mentioned before, glycolic has a smaller molecular weight than other AHAs, and as a result has no trouble penetrating the skin barrier. Our skin barrier is key for protection from the environment, essential for maintaining hydration and of course, for overall skin health. Often high strength glycolic acid products are directed for everyday use. We believe that this overuse has the potential to impair the skin barrier, leading to irritation, sensitisation and inflammation.

At Medik8, we wanted to find a way to yield the unbeatable benefits of high strength glycolic acid in a way that would actually benefit the skin barrier, not destroy it. After months of research, testing and development, we are pleased to introduce you to Sleep Glycolic, our brand new active 10% glycolic acid at-home peel.



Sleep Glycolic is Medik8’s approach to glycolic acid, it has been carefully curated to extract the ultimate powers of this acid without the downsides. It is the perfect at-home peel for dull, uneven skin textures who want fast results.

We have a 3 step approach to ensure we have a super powerful formula, with measures taken to maintain and protect our healthy skin barrier at all times.


The effectiveness of exfoliating acid products rely on two factors; acid concentration and the pH of the formula. A low pH is crucial to activate acids within a cosmetic formula. Every exfoliating acid (AHA or BHA) can exist in an active form, or an inactive form. Only when an acid is in its active form, will it be able to penetrate into the skin with ease, to have an effect on stubborn skin concerns like hyperpigmentation. In Sleep Glycolic, we have optimised our active acid content by lowering our pH to 3.5 - to achieve a active acid value of 10%. This gives us a truly high strength glycolic acid formula. 

Crystal encapsulation and bi-weekly usage helps us to control this power, reducing irritation from the formula to maintain a healthy skin barrier at all times while using Sleep Glycolic.


Featuring our controlled delivery system, active 10% glycolic acid is encapsulated in a crystal cyclodex ‘shell’ that is slowly broken down upon contact with skin enzymes. The encapsulation gradually delivers the high strength exfoliating acid into the skin overnight to reduce the potential for irritation. 



At Medik8 we believe that occasional use of glycolic acid is best - not daily. Leave daily acids to super-gentle PHAs (poly hydroxy acids, found in Medik8 Press & Glow). Using a measured application just 2-3 times a week, we are able to deliver a high strength product which is also ideal for  use at home. Hence Sleep Glycolic truly achieves the best of both worlds - perfect for experienced peeling clients looking to prolong their results at home, while still being suitable for nervous customers wanting to prepare for their first ever peeling experience.


Sleep Glycolic should be used 2-3 times a week. After cleansing in the evening, smooth a pea-sized amount of Sleep Glycolic onto the face, neck and décolletage, avoiding the eye area. Follow with other serums and always use a night moisturiser, leaving on overnight. Always wear sunscreen the next day after using Sleep Glycolic.

A note on layering; as Sleep Glycolic is a Direct Acid, it should be the first step in your evening skincare routine. Layer all other serums and moisturisers over this. 

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