10 ways to banish breakouts

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10 ways to banish breakouts
Wave goodbye to breakouts with our 10 top tips on managing blemish-prone skin…


1. Wash your bed linen

“When you’re sleeping, blemish-causing bacteria (P. acnes) are transferred from your face to your sheets,” says Daniel Isaacs, Medik8’s Head Formulation and Development Director. “So if you’re not washing them regularly, you could be passing bacteria back and forth for days on end.” Pore-clogging oils from your scalp can also be transferred to your pillow, so it’s always best to launder your linen at least once a week.

2. Sanitise your smartphone

Mobile phones are hotspots for blemish-causing bacteria, so keep them clean with an antibacterial wipe. “Simply wipe down your phone screen at the end of each day to ensure bacteria isn’t transferred to your face when you’re making your next phone call,” advises Daniel. And better still, use the hands-free speaker mode to minimise phone contact with your facial skin.

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Dowsing oily, blemish-prone skin with moisturisers may seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually one of the best things you can do for your breakouts. “When skin is dry, the oil glands tend to overproduce sebum in an attempt to add moisture back into the skin.” explains Daniel. “This can lead to clogged pores, which causes even more breakouts.” To nourish your skin while keeping blemishes at bay, use a lightweight, low-oil moisturiser such as Balance Moisturiser™. Its fast-absorbing, silky formula will keep your skin hydrated and your oil glands in check.

4. Clean up your make-up brushes

Anything that comes into contact with your face on a daily basis should be cleaned regularly. This is especially true when it comes to make-up brushes. Those powder brush bristles are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria of the blemish-causing variety. Experts recommend cleansing your brushes once a week. “For best results, give them a final rinse with an antibacterial cleanser such as Clarifying Foam™,” advises Daniel. 

5. Keep your hands away from your face

When it comes to problem skin, it’s always best to take a hands-off approach. Carelessly placed paws can move blemish-causing bacteria from one area of the face to another, spreading your breakout across the entirety of your complexion. “If you really can’t keep your hands away, ensure that you clean them regularly to keep your skin healthy and clear,” says Daniel. 

6. Drop dairy from your diet

Ok, maybe you can’t cut it out completely. Ice-cream is a necessity, we get it. But studies show that the sugars in dairy can contribute to hormonal imbalance and inflammation. Both of which significantly spike your likelihood of breakouts. “Interestingly, acne is least prevalent among Asian communities, where dairy is not a part of the average diet,” adds Daniel. Plus, it can’t hurt to get that latte with a shot of almond milk instead.

7. Add Retinal to your regime

Vitamin A is often hailed as the gold-standard of anti-ageing. But it might surprise you to learn that this ‘miracle’ molecule actually started out as an acne treatment. Of course, when vitamin A users started to notice significant anti-ageing benefits alongside a reduction in their blemishes, dermatologists quickly took note. Most types of vitamin A will assist with blemish-care – they work by speeding up cell turnover to prevent pores from being clogged – but Crystal Retinal 6™ and 10™ take it the next level. “This advanced form of vitamin A has antibacterial properties to neutralise the bacteria responsible for causing blemishes,” says Daniel.

8. Exfoliate regularly (but not too much!)

Removing dead skin cells before they have the chance to clog your pores is a sure-fire way of obtaining a clear complexion. The key is to do it gently. “Harsh exfoliating scrubs can ramp up your skin’s inflammation, worsening the appearance of blemishes while delaying their natural healing cycle”, warns Daniel. “Instead use a gentle facial wash like Clarifying Foam features incorporates mild exfoliating acids such as salicylic acid.”

9. Take off your make-up before bed

We all know we should cleanse the day away before hitting the hay. But the allure of a fluffy pillow still manages to trump the cold chill of the bathroom sink when sleepiness takes its hold. But here’s why you should resist the temptation to retire with your make-up still intact: “When you sleep, your make-up can become embedded within your pores, taking daily dirt and grime along with it.” says Daniel. “By cleansing your skin before bed, you’re giving your pores the opportunity to breathe, which will ultimately result in a clearer complexion.”

10. Drink an extra glass of water

Topping up your H₂O levels will help to flush toxins from the body while ensuring skin remains hydrated and supple. This can help to keep bad bacteria at bay while also preventing excess sebum due to the complexion being suitably moisturised.

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