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Rainforest Fund

What will this fund do?

We will donate to and actively participate in projects that protect, preserve and/or grow the rainforest. We will also donate to projects that protect the habitats of animals in the rainforest, such as orangutans.

Why the Rainforest?

Medik8's aim is to go #BeyondZero, which means we want to go further than being a brand that is simply sustainable. Part of this aim is to replace more of the rainforest than we use as a company in every aspect, from our printer paper to product packaging. We will also donate to projects that help us to offset > 100% of the palm oil we use.

This is a cause very close to the heart of our founder who personally witnessed the wildfires in south-east Asia in 1997. In 2018 we already replaced all plastic inserts with 100% FSC certified recycled card and this is just the start.


We are currently auditing our workplace to see what our impact is on the rainforest, more information coming very soon.