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mind fund

Mind Fund

What will this fund do?

The Mind Fund will focus on projects that promote mental well-being and companionship. Very often people can feel alone or sad without necessarily being clinically ill - this is perfectly normal - but that doesn't mean they don't want or need compassion. To want a friend to talk to, to confide in, to get some advice from - someone to just listen without judgement. How is it that we have never been more connected, yet so many people feel lonely? A lot of people actually are suffering from mental ill-health but are afraid to get help. Although attitudes are changing, there is still a stigma attached to mental illness. Seeking help is strength not weakness and we will help projects that share this view.

Why mental health?

You can see when someone has a broken foot, but not always when the have mental health concern. With the loss of big family life and communicating via screens, many people feel left behind and Zipper would never leave anyone behind. Zipper was always there to be a non-judgemental ear and we want others to benefit from that same support.


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