Beautiful Skin for Life

This is our ultimate mission. To help people maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

How do we achieve Beautiful Skin for Life – it's easy, just follow our unique CSA Philosophy.

Advanced Night Eye


Wake up to visibly refreshed, less tired and hydrated eyes with Advanced Night Eye.

Featuring a collection of eyecare ingredients, including a multi-peptide complex, hesperidin and caffeine, this rich yet fast-absorbing cream melts into skin to support natural hydration and smooth the delicate eye area. Under-eye skin is left firmer-looking, visibly radiant and soft to the touch.

Advanced Night Eye is ideal to follow a vitamin A (retinoid) eye serum in the evening.

Key Ingredients

Multi-Peptide Complex



Patch Test

Patch testing prior to use is advised.

How do I perform a patch test?

1) Apply a small amount of product onto a clean area of skin on the upper forearm. Allow the area to dry for 5 minutes before dressing or touching the area.

2) Keep the area dry.

3) Over the next 24 hours assess whether any form of excessive irritation occurs. For example; burning, excessive redness, blistering or itching.

4) If no reaction is observed, you may use the product normally.

If you do experience any form of excessive irritation during your patch test please contact our lovely customer service team at

CSA Philosophy

It's as easy as CSA

Our mission is to demystify anti-ageing skincare. At Medik8 we believe the secret to healthy and beautiful skin for life is as easy as vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. This straightforward strategy is clinically proven to deliver results you can see as well as feel. That’s why we are dedicated to refining this simple philosophy – developing ever-increasingly advanced CSA formulas. A key part of our refresh is to help you look after your skin following simple, expert advice.

“Start at age 30 and we believe you can look 40 when you're 50. ”

Daniel Isaacs

Medik8 Director of Research

Want To Know More?

Take a look behind the scenes as we tour the Medik8 lab, just outside London in the UK - where all the magic happens.

The Range

The CSA Philosophy is the linchpin of the Medik8 brand as we believe it is the foundation to every great skincare regime; no matter your skin type or ultimate concern. But don’t worry, once you have your preferred CSA selections made, we have a variety of other meticulously developed complementary products to specifically target common skin concerns. From dullness, dryness, redness to blemishes and evening skin tone - we have something for everyone to help build a bespoke regime and realise your own beautiful skin for life.

And remember, Medik8 is committed to the best possible ingredients at optimal concentrations plus great textures in convenient formats, so you never need compromise between the choice of results and experience. You really can have it all with Medik8.

Skincare you love, trust & believe in

Our promise is to create beautiful products you will love to use, trust in, and be proud to recommend. More than a hashtag, #MyMedik8 is all about personal and shared experiences. How do you unwind with Medik8 after a long day? Do you have recommendations or tips you want to share? Tell us using #MyMedik8 on social media and you can be featured on our pages. Or why not see what other Medik8 fans are recommending? We love to hear from you.

Liberating you from the choice between results or experience

All too often we have to make the choice between real results and the products we love using. But why should we have to choose? Medik8 are transforming expectations with cutting-edge science that allows our results-focused products to enjoy the same bathroom appeal, fine textures and elegant fragrances – all without compromising performance.

3 Tonnes of plastic saved

We are an anti-ageing brand that thinks like a natural brand. We have always believed in 'green chemistry', but with growing understanding of the severity of the pollution crisis, now is the time to push this to new heights. In 2018, we replaced hundreds of thousands of plastic parts with recycled paper, and every piece of paper-based packaging is either recycled or FSC certified. And this is just the start. Read more about what we’re doing to reduce our environmental impact on our Eco Values page.