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Welcome To The Peptides Family

Every Medik8 peptide product has a custom blend of actives to target different skin concerns. Perfect to combine with your CSA regime, learn more about the power of peptides below.


Peptides are short chains of amino acids, linked together by peptide bonds. There are 20 individual naturally-occurring amino acids which can be linked together in any order to give millions of different peptide combinations, with each assisting with different skin concerns. Peptides are also the building blocks of proteins. Our skin is naturally overflowing with different kinds of proteins and peptides, including some of the most important; collagen and elastin, which are both responsible for retaining the skin’s natural strength and resilience.

When applied to the skin, peptides can act as communicators, triggering a response in certain cells of the skin. They give your skin a specific instruction to do ‘something’, and that ‘something’ entirely depends on what order your amino acids are in. Every peptide has a unique superpower to target different skin concerns. Read our blog here.

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The Medik8 Approach

Peptides might be in the spotlight for their incredible collagen-boosting powers, but in fact, peptides are way more than just a one-trick pony. Each peptide has a different action on the skin. Not just for skin ageing, but also for tackling skin dullness, hyperpigmentation, anti-glycation, moisturising the skin and more! We wanted to harness the broad range of different peptide powers in our new Peptide Family. The perfect addition to your CSA routine, our full range of innovative peptide combinations can help to support many different skin concerns. Like any family member, these are all individual products in their own right and have their own unique benefits. Each can be used to complement your CSA regime - either alone or in conjunction with one another. The choice is yours.

See The Results For Yourself

Visible results in just 4 weeks shown here from using Clarity Peptides.

Meet The Family

Copper PCA Peptides™

Utilising the revolutionary mineral antioxidant power, we have Copper PCA Peptides™ . With patented technology using copper PCA as an antioxidant, this energising peptide serum was formulated to expertly recharge skin for optimal free radical protection. The ultimate armour against premature skin ageing, the innovative dual-chambered serum helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This is the perfect replacement for those of you who struggle to incorporate vitamin C into their regime, as mineral copper PCA offers unprecedented antioxidant power. Enriched with an advanced complex of age-defying peptides including Matrixyl 3000, the award-winning serum visibly lifts and smooths to keep skin looking plump, soft and hydrated while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Liquid Peptides™

If anti-ageing is your main focus, Liquid Peptides™ is incredible in its peptide power. With the ability to bring your skin back to life, the 30% peptide-packed formula helps to fight expression wrinkles by helping to stimulate collagen production. Boosted with a pioneering drone-based delivery system, the formula ensures every peptide is activated within the layer of skin where it’s needed the most. So how does this system work? A collagen-stimulating copper peptide is encapsulated in a polymer shell, with external peptides which fit into receptors on the outside of collagen-making fibroblast cells. The encapsulation swoops down (like a drone) to the fibroblast cell, releasing the copper peptide exactly where it needs to be. The skin is left soft to touch, deeply hydrated and ultimately more youthful-looking.

Clarity Peptides™

Alternatively, you can boost your skin's natural luminosity with one of our most innovative formulas; Clarity Peptides™. Infused with 10% niacinamide, it works wonders for visibly soothing red, inflamed or blemish-prone skin. This milky serum promotes glass-like skin when you need it the most, ideal for anyone who feels like life is getting in the way of perfect skin. The formula features next-generation Crystalide™ peptides, which help to clean up the skin’s waste proteins to promote a crystal clear complexion. Clarity Peptides is an ideal alternative to BHAs for tackling blemish-prone skin, particularly for sensitive skins.

Eyelift Peptides™

Finally, within our peptide family, we have Eyelift Peptides™, the ultimate lifting and firming eye treatment. With a complex of 5 collagen-boosting peptides, this multi-action, anti-ageing eye serum helps to visibly lift and shape the look of eye contours for an immediate well-rested, bright-eyed look. This award-winning formula also harnesses the powers of hesperidin to minimise the appearance of dark circles, plus glycerin to hydrate the delicate eye area.