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£5,000 - Chimpanzee Medical Equipment

Photo credit: Carol Guzy - HSI Global

Amount: £5,000
Beneficiary: 63 Chimpanzees in Liberia
Purpose: Specialist blood monitoring medical equipment
Charity Partner: Humane Society International


Check out this happy, yet thought-provoking video to see how some amazing people are helping some amazing animals. BACKGROUND
Meet Goofie and her son Denyon. These chimps are just 2 of 63 chimps that currently reside on the Six Estuary Islands known as the Second Chance Chimpanzee Refuge in Liberia. In 2006 the chimps were retired from a Laboratory where some had been subjected to invasive research and tested on for over 30 years. It is agreed that a chimp’s DNA is a 98% match to humans - they are highly intelligent creatures and should not, like any other animal, be confined to cages and tested on for any reason. For these beautiful creatures - such an experience must have been terrifying. By 2015, the chimps harrowing past experiences in the lab were scars and memories. Fortunately, Humane Society International stepped in to take over the care of the chimps on their beautiful Sanctuary Islands. Over the years HSI have been continually improving the care and surroundings that the Chimps need and love. There is access to fresh water, food and snacks provided twice daily, staffing and caretakers that have long term relationships with the chimps. The chimps live in six social groups which are located on six islands where they are free roaming - they are super content and happy with their surroundings.


In 2018 HSI were able to hire a dedicated Veterinarian and Sanctuary Expert - Dr Ssuna. Alongside this, The Zipper Foundation has been able to provide an incredible piece of equipment called a CBC Machine which will be a huge benefit to the Chimps health and welfare. WHAT EXACTLY IS A CBC MACHINE, AND HOW CAN IT HELP? This stands for Complete Blood Count. This piece of medical equipment is used in assessing the general health of an animal. It detects any deviation from the established parameters of the various blood components e.g. red blood cells, the different white blood cells, platelets and the other components of blood like the hemoglobin content, the cell sizes, how they proportionally relate with each other to determine the basic cause of the problem. The diagnosis is based on the clinical interpretation based on the results the CBC machine provides. One is able to determine whether the animal has a viral, bacterial or parasitic infection. They can determine whether it is a local or general infection. Other blood related parasites, cancers and nutritional (like anemia-characterized) derangements can also be detected by a full blood count and a cell differential. This will be a huge benefit for the future welfare of the chimps and the clinic. WHAT’S NEXT FOR THE CHIMPS? HSI have plans to construct a new Veterinary Clinic that will be situated in Charlesville, close to the Six Estuary Islands. The goal is to ensure that the chimps receive proper care for the remainder of their days. While the population will decline naturally over time, chimps can live up to the age of 60, the youngest chimp is just months old. Therefore, HSI will be providing care for several more decades. WE LOVE THIS HSI TEAM They even took the time to thank us with this wonderful picture. If you haven't seen the video at the top of this page, please do and if you are moved, please consider donating your morning cup of coffee to help these amazing humans. Donate buttons below.

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