Winter Sale Eye Care

Up to 25% off selected products is valid between 22.12.22 16.00 GMT to 03.01.23 23.59 GMT.

Crystal Retinal 20, Intelligent Retinol 3TR, and Intelligent Retinol 10TR Travel are included in the sale however all other variants in these franchises are excluded.

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5 Products
Intelligent Retinol Eye TR™ by Medik8. A Supercharged Eye Vitamin A Serum
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Intelligent Retinol Eye TR™

Supercharged Eye Vitamin A Serum

7ml / £21

"Advanced Day Eye Protect™ by Medik8. An Age-Defying Eye Cream SPF 30 | 5* UVA.  "
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Advanced Day Eye Protect™

Age-Defying Eye Cream SPF 30 | 5* UVA

15ml / £40

C-Tetra® Eye
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C-Tetra® Eye

Lipid Vitamin C Radiance Serum

7ml / £21

Illuminating Eye Balm™ by Medik8. An Instant Brighten Eye Formula.
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Illuminating Eye Balm™

Instant Brighten Eye Formula

15ml / £36

CSA Eye Kit by Medik8.
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The CSA Eye Kit

All you need to achieve youthful-looking eyes.

Contains 4 products
Worth £91 / £67