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Why are some alcohols good in skincare?
Alcohol in skincare is more complex than you may have first thought. Much like Jekyll & Hyde, it has both a good and bad side.
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5 blemish myths, busted
Does toothpaste really help to clear blemishes? Is it true that chocolate causes spots? With so many myths floating around online, it can seem like an absolute mission to sort the false from the truth. But Medik8 is here to help. We’ve gathered up our team of skincare experts to dispel some of the biggest myths surrounding blemishes once and for all.
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10 ways to banish breakouts
10 tips to banish breakouts.
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Top Tips For Having A Peel
When it comes to getting the absolute best results from your skincare, we recommend having a series of in-clinic treatments with one of our Medik8 professional therapists. If you ever feel like you’ve hit a skincare rut, you may want to use a peel to supercharge the results. As always, we are dedicated to giving you real results, and so our peels can help to improve scarring, photodamage and hyperpigmentation; or even give you a radiant glow before a big event or occasion. Read about our extensive range of chemical peels here.
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Introducing the r-Retinoate Rejuvenating Eye System
Capture the essence of r-Retinoate in an intensive 4-week treatment for delicate under-eyes. Discover the three heroes that work in synergy to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just 4 weeks.
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Crystal Retinal: The Science of Skincare

When it comes to anti-ageing, vitamin A is the gold-standard. That being said, not all vitamin A is created equal. Always eager to improve and innovate, Medik8 researchers have harnessed the power of a new form of vitamin A that is even better than retinol.

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