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Hyperpigmentation: everything you need to know
Did you know that dull, discoloured skin trumps fine lines and wrinkles as the number one indicator of skin ageing? A recent study carried out by Danish researchers shows that most people cite an uneven complexion as the most prominent inhibitor of youthful-looking skin.
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Experts in Vitamin A
Retinol is loved by doctors, beauty bloggers and skincare enthusiasts the world over. It’s a widely accepted notion that nothing without prescription can improve the signs of photoageing quite like it. In fact, little else even comes close.
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What Is Vitamin A? Top 10 Questions Answered.
What is Vitamin A? Why is retinol good for wrinkles? At what age should I start Vitamin A?
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Why are some alcohols good in skincare?
Alcohol in skincare is more complex than you may have first thought. Much like Jekyll & Hyde, it has both a good and bad side.
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5 blemish myths, busted
Does toothpaste really help to clear blemishes? Is it true that chocolate causes spots? With so many myths floating around online, it can seem like an absolute mission to sort the false from the truth. But Medik8 is here to help. We’ve gathered up our team of skincare experts to dispel some of the biggest myths surrounding blemishes once and for all.
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10 ways to banish breakouts
10 tips to banish breakouts.
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