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Skincare During Pregnancy
This general guidance should not replace any medical advice from your doctor on what to use or not to use during pregnancy. Your doctor can give you tailored advice appropriate to your own medical history and needs and your doctor should make all final decisions regarding skincare products used during conception, pregnancy and nursing.
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Bakuchiol: The Plant-Based Alternative to Retinol
While there is no denying retinol is the gold-standard anti-ageing ingredient in the beauty industry, there is now an exciting, proven alternative on the skincare scene.
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Free Sanitiser to the Community
We can't make ventilators, but we can make sanitiser. On April 1st 2020, Medik8 began free distribution of 5000 bottles of sanitiser to the elderly, homeless, vulnerable and to the emergency services. The Hertfordshire Police are our first delivery.
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Instantly Brighten Tired Looking Eyes
Our eyes can often be the first area to show the tell tale signs of too many late nights, an excessive amount of screen time and those pesky premature signs of ageing.
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Tackle Dry Winter Lips Once And For All With Mutiny
Winter brings with it the coldest months of the year, and one of the first areas to dry out as the cold sets in are our lips.
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The Power of Peptides

Peptides are in the spotlight as one of the forerunners in cutting-edge skincare science, as they are known to help increase collagen production. But did you know that they can do so much more? Meet the Family.

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